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Greetings and Welcome!

Well, I decided that it was time I revisited my site and made it a little more relevant for the here and now! So here we are! New look, new profile but same old me :D

Why the change Glenn?

Well, quite simply, the old site was just that, old! And very tired, I thought. Much of it wasn't relevant any more and there was more new stuff to add. I enjoy a change and a challenge, every now and again, so figured it was time!

How often will this one change?

How long is a piece of string? My Facebook page is the page to go, if you want regular updates, although I'll be adding the feed from it, on here, if you're not already a Farcebooker!
My advice to you would be to bookmark this site and come back regularly! I'll be putting stuff on here that won't be going on social media, mainly because it'll upset less people by putting it on here ;-) There will be a blog of sorts but, be warned, if you're easily offended, don't go there!
Likewise, if you already know I dislike you, probably not the place to venture!!!!
OK, here we go! There's a series of links, to the left, that you can use to navigate this site. At some point I may do a mobile-friendly version but, to be honest, if you're accessing this on your mobile phone, you really should be getting out more!!!!