I was born, at an early age, in a little, one-horse town, called Rothwell, in Northamptonshire. The 16th of March 1960, started off as just a normal day for my mother (apart from the contractions) and shortly after that, I popped my head out into the world. After a brief struggle (cuz I didn't like what I saw), I was delivered into a cold world that didn't understand me from the word go!
I grew up, was a good child and was 'rewarded' for my goodness by the addition of a younger brother in 1962. I'd already got an older brother & sister who, by the time of my arrival, were ready to fly the nest themselves. I'd like to think that I gave them the push necessary to fly! Hehe!
Click here for a Google Street View image of the house that I grew up in!
When I was there, there was no front porch and the path ran along the side of the wall, just in front of the red van. The wall was twice the height too!
Where the red van is, was a bus stop. We used to catch the bus into Kettering, from there.
The building in the background, is a telephone exchange. When I was young, it was an old Victorian factory building. Was once a boot and shoe factory, but became a rag and bone factory, belonging to a local firm that had a number of these places. It burnt down one night and, despite having firemen hosing the walls of my bedroom down, to stop the wallpaper catching fire, I slept through most of it
The lane, Horse Fair Lane and the houses, to the right, are very recent additions. That piece of road used to be the main A6 trunk road, running from London to Carlisle. There was a haulage yard, where the blue hoardings are and, below that, an old victorian bridge spanned the Slade brook. We used to catch Bullheads under the bridge, in milkbottles!
My favourite TV programs included Star Trek, The Six-Million Dollar Man, The Old Grey Whistle Test and anything by Gerry Anderson! Music was a mixture of Deep Purple, Led Zep, Status Quo, Black Sabbath and a collection of Prog Rock artists like ELP, Yes, Rick Wakeman, Arthur Brown and Hawkwind. That all changed in 1976 when Punk came along! I was Kettering's first punk! I'd walk around town in my old school blazer, ripped to fuck with all sorts of offensive badges on it! Gigs would consist of me in a bin liner (actually got me laid once as well!!!).