My schooldays were fairly uneventful, I passed through Infant School to Junior School, passed my 11 Plus and was admitted to the local Grammar School at Kettering. I excelled at sport (well, avoiding it anyway), joined the Electronics Club and the Satellite Tracking Team (see, I'd already engaged 'geek-mode').
I left school & entered the electronics industry, where I moved from Job to job, increased my knowledge & qualifications, until I ended up, in 1989 with my Phd.
I've always had a thirst for knowledge and have gained a battery of qualifications, over the ensuing years. From a counselling diploma to a marketing diploma, via a number of electronics and IT qualifications as well as practical qualifications in Youth Work. I've also used much of my time to keep abreast of new developments in science and technology, as well as using real-life situations, like the death of family members from cancer, to research medical advancements and my own loss of a limb, to delve into the world of prosthetics.
Education is extremely important to me. Proper education, not Google or YouTube Universities and I take a very dim view of those who attempt to back up their arguments with poorly researched data. Likewise, those people who have bounced from job to job, not giving themselves time to actually learn anything, but claim to be "experienced". No sweetie, that just makes you unemployable!