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Where's moi leg gawn?

So! It was the afternoon of the 8th July 2008. I'd left my girlfriends house, earlier that afternoon, and was proceeding (in an orderly fashion officer) down the A303, on my 1991 Harley Davidson FXRS-SP, towards home! It was a fairly damp, but warm day. I'd stopped for petrol about 60 mins earlier and was about 30 mins from home.
I'd just pulled onto the Mere bypass (click here for a view of where it happened), when I realised that something was wrong. I looked down, to the rear of the bike and saw that the left-hand pannier had come loose & was swinging on its mounts. As I watched, it went under the back wheel. This had the effect of shoving me sideways, onto the central reservation. I ended up riding down about 6 inches of wet grass with my right foot clanging off the uprights holding the armco in place. "Damn!" I thought, "This is gonna hurt soon!". Sure enough, a while later, I was being airlifted, by Police helicopter, to Salisbury Hospital. I later found that I'd broken virtually every bone in my foot & had about a dozen breaks of the Tib & Fib. A week later, after I'd been transfered to Leicester Royal Infirmary, the bottom part of my leg was amputated & Stumpy was born. For the full story, click here to download it in Pdf format.

If you're not squeamish, click the button, below, for some pictures, post accident!
Stumpy Pics